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Kiss The Sky cover art by Makenshi179 Kiss The Sky cover art by Makenshi179
The cover art I made for the thumbnail of the PMV Collab Kiss The Sky that has quite a backstory, over more than 7 months. In summary, the original host of the collab left it to abandon, and I spent a lot of time and efforts in "reviving" the collab over many months, getting the "survivor" editors together, creating a group chat, and slowly getting the collab back into fruition so that the parts that the original editors made, including mine, would not go to waste. Many editors left the collab, many joined, some even left while they promised to make their part still. It was quite an adventure and experience, with some bad tastes (like people not facing their responsibilities), but it also had some touching moments, as we, the survivor editors, stuck together, learnt more about each other, supported each other in tough times... In the end, some of us got the chance to bond more than before, and I personally treasure those memories we shared, and the feelings we have for each other. I love you all everypony!

Special mention to :
Andrey (Dr_Stables) for giving me the comfort of having "another Pinkie" close to me and in the group, and for being so cooperative and supportive (and many more adjectives I could list, haha). Thank you mate <3
Animerge for totally giving his all in tough times and making amazing parts. You're awesome dude <3 Also, glad we feel the same about being a "family"!
DealFire for joining us along the way and helping out by making an amazing part. Keep your head high, friend!
Pro Brony for seconding me in reviving the collab quite early in the history of the group, and for doing his job!
Arno (The White Piano Key) for joining us and making wonderful parts!
Obsessive Bookworm for doing his part and even providing a fix to a glitch at the last minute. You're a lifesaver!

Here is the link to my parts for the collab :…
I made the first a long time ago, back when the collab initially started, and I was still mostly relying on show scenes at that time.
The second part was made recently and in collaboration with Dr_Stables (YouTube channel), long after the "revival project" had started. It was very lovely and such an interesting collaboration experience and even though it wasn't like we did a full-length PMV together, I still enjoyed this "collab inside a collab". Collab-ception, as Dr_Stables said! Also, I'm glad I could make that custom animation of us two as "two Pinkies", I love that kind of stuff ^.^

Part of the inspiration behind this cover art comes from what Dr_Stables suggested to me, too. Like using the same Pinkie vector that I'm currently using as my Twitter avatar, for myself. And putting the rest of the mane 6 in the picture. Then I thought, us two as Pinkies like in my animation, and with the other 5 ponies, that makes 7 of us, and we're 7 editors! I think it worked very well ^^

Emotional Pinkie vector by speedox12
Rarity vector by Quanno3
Rainbow Dash vector by Nethear
Twilight Sparkle vector by 90Sigma
Applejack vector by Lalala508
Happy Pinkie vector by SirSpikensons
Fluttershy vector by SLB94
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hopefaithxoxo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Check out my page too, if you want:D
A watch, favorites and comments are always welcome!❤️
SteamFlash Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
That all sounds very nice. :)
Glad you had such a great time making it and talking with the others.

...oh no not the mirror pool again. Why Pinkie? :P
Makenshi179 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016
Funny how what I explain always seems to sound so nice to you XD In reality this probably wasn't as "nice" for me as you might be imagining, as it was really exhausting (I'll skip details). But it sure still had great moments ^^

Heheh, there's a special reason for that XP
SteamFlash Featured By Owner Edited Mar 21, 2016
Well.. as long as you enjoyed it overall. :)

I figured.. and I also suppose there's a reason Twilight cast the cloudwalking spell on those who needed it again.

Perhaps they're celebrating something in Cloudsdale.. and it's so big that one Pinkie to plan it wasn't enough. :D
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